Monday, November 20, 2006

Aaaaahhhh the sweet feeling of accomplishment

So I actually did homework pretty much all weekend long. It was amazing. I feel like I'm on top of everything right now, but don't worry, I'll be myself in like a day, when I realize that I am a douchebag.

Funny story -- I was downloading an episode of The OC the other day so that I could catch up on what I missed... and when I started watching it, I was sadly mistaken. It was definitely not The OC. Instead, Cat and I found ourselves watching ANIME LESBIAN PORN. Awkward. But then we started following the story line & it was funny as hell, so we made popcorn and watched anime lesbian porn. But then one of the crazy girls had sex with the devil and the devil had approximately 5 penises (penii). Slightly awkward. Effing hilarious. Although they killed a puppy :(. That's sad.

Oh, and we're definitely binging on The OC (the actual show, not the porn), we've watched about half of the first season in under 24 hours. We are ridiculous.

I've found a pet peeve. So say someone is on the phone (person #1). Say there's another person sitting next to them (person #2). Then say that there is a third person on the phone. Then let's just entertain the idea that person #3 says to person #1 about person #2 "Can ____ hear me?". That is never a good sign and it is rude, especially when person #2 CAN hear you. Ok, enough ranting. A word of warning? Never ask that question on a cell phone, they are really loud.

Ok, I said enough ranting, but that wasn't really enough, I feel like an emo kid. I'm pretty much sick of everything and everyone. I can't wait until I escape to a foreign land. 94 more days. Maybe the emo will be gone tomorrow, it's hard being pissed off at everyone. I'm going to go to sleep before I offend anyone... else. :) I may have love for you if you're reading this... maybe.

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