Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just days until Christmas...

...and I've not bought any presents yet. I've started making a few... but that's about it. LAME.

I had one of the most mentally challenged days of my life today. And I realized that my friend Sarah reminds me of Karen from Will & Grace. Well the good parts & the crazy laugh. Anyways, back to the day I had. Well I got up @ 4:45 to go pee, then I fell asleep in my mom's bed for half an hour, then got up and took a shower. Then I took another 15 minute nap... then I got up and went to work. Then hell broke loose. First of all, Paul & I were working together & we tend to wreak havoc, especially if we're both in the dish room. Then a kid got fired. Then Paul poured pickled herring juice on my leg... on purpose. Once we got back from the stations, I threw a brussel sprout at his head. He retaliated with chucking breakfast meats at me. Then he decided to take it a step further and put a sausage down the back of my shirt. Interestingly, I had a large, moist piece of cake in my hand... so I smashed it into his ear. It was totally worth not getting any work done today. I got home and took another nap until about 6:30. Later, I went out with Scotty, Sarah, Dana & this Dan kid that works with us to Cold Stone. Fun times.

Now I'm watching Will & Grace. Life is over.

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