Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby it's hard to believe... we're in heaven

Currently listening to: Heaven (Techno Mix) by DJ Sammy

Somehow we ended up listening to that song about a million times. Amazing. Anyways, I love it. Then we listened to it in the dish room at work. Now I'm listening to it. Damn.

Scott & I went shopping today at about 7:00am. We went to Meijer & I bought some perfum, then off to Starbucks, Lakeside Mall and Best Buy. I also paid for my video camera! I have to pick it up on Saturday, as they had to order it. It's pretty sweet, not gonna lie, I'm in love with it. I bought a 1gb memory card for it too. Then, on a whim, we went to IKEA and we ate their $.99 breakfast. It was pretty good. I didn't buy anything, but we enjoyed walking around the place for about an hour and a half. Scotty bought... a buffet. HAHA. Ok, so it's a small buffet and it doesn't look like one and apparently it's perfect to fit his TV on AND it was on sale. Good stuff. Stopped @ Walmart before coming home, then I attempted to take a nap. Failed.

Since we both had to work, we decided to get nice & caffeinated, so we went to Starbucks a second time, around 3:30 pm. Awesome. It was delicious. We pretty much were crazy at work and annoyed the hell out of everyone. But we still kicked ass and we were both in the dish room. Heaven was stuck in my head all night. Still is.

I might go see Happy Feet this weekend if it's still in the theater. Hmmmmm.....

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