Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Long day ahead of me

So Jaime Z is my hero. I hope I spelled her name right. She transferred her entire hard drive worth of music to my external hard drive today. Woot. That's like 10,000 songs to add to my 8500, even though I'm sure a lot are doubles. I'm amazed. And uber excited. Ohhh and Bart gave me something awesome, but I can't disclose it because it's a surprise for the mumma. But it's amazing. Think MTV circa 1998. But don't give it away if you figure it out. Also, he gave me a show called "Clone High", which seems really funny.

~Breakfast date with Ben @ 10:00
~Meeting with Ana, Denise & Kent @ 10:30
~Lunch with Cat @ 11:30
~Max is helping me pack my car @ 12:00
~Checking out of the dorm @ 1:00
~CDO exam @ 2:00
~Go to parking services after exam to attempt to give back my parking sticker in exchange for money.
~Go home... :( :)

Life is lame.

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