Monday, December 4, 2006

Champagne Supernova

Currently listening to: My computer is making a frightening humming sound
Currently reading: Without You by Anthony Rapp

So this book is intense. It had me crying like whoa. I'm not gonna lie about it, there's something about reading sad books that is amazing. Thanks to Melissa across the hall for telling me to read it & subsequently letting me borrow it. I'm already halfway done with it after 1.5 hours of constant reading.

I stopped doing homework and watching The OC around 11 or 12, then decided to go to bed. That was short lived. But instead of doing homework that I really need to get done, or studying for a test that I have tomorrow afternoon, I opted to read. Damnit. But I'll do my homework tomorrow morning and study like it's my job before the test, so I will at least remember the material for the 15 minutes that I'll be in the classroom.

Anyways, about this book. It's kinda about Anthony Rapp's (Mark from RENT!) life, kinda about RENT!, kinda about everything else. I didn't realize that Johnathan Larson, the guy who wrote the musical, died the night of the dress rehearsal, of an aortic aneurysm. Which made me cry like whoa. It was rough. Yeah, I'm not going to go into describing everything, but it's a really hard hitting book. I like it.

This is what happens when:
(a) Cat and I straighten our hair after watching The OC.
(b) We find a camera laying around.
(c) We decide, hey, let's take the obligatory Myspace ho pics!
(d) We turn into complete assholes
(e) All of the above.


Cat said...

Yay :). I love us. We ar def. assholes.

mutha said...

Yay :) You are def Lesbians...

Coop said...

yea i agree w/ the def lesbians comment... it doesn't even look like ur wearing shirts you sicko's... ha ha |--|/