Friday, December 22, 2006

My blood is amazing

Currently listening to: The most amazing internet radio ever.

So the most amazing internet radio ever is called Pandora. It's amazing. Why? Because you put in the type of music you like (either a specific song or a band/artist) then it creates a radio station catered to that type of music. And you can add different artists to your station & it becomes kick ass. I've already discovered some hot shit, not gonna lie. Now all I need is for Pandora to stream audio to my mp3 player. Not gonna happen, but maybe one day.

I woke up this morning to Seasons of Love from Rent! playing on my cell phone... but I thought I was dreaming the song, so I slept through it. Then mom called on the house phone. Lame. But she wanted me to come up to her work to donate blood, so I was excited... and that also meant I got to sign with Karen. Woot. So I got to her work around 11:00-ish and we had lunch, then I went to give blood. They did that stupid little spring loaded stab-you-in-the-finger-so-we-can-test-your-blood test, which hurt like a bitch. My iron levels are amazing... but I couldn't give blood because apparently I don't have enough red blood cells. Fuck that, I have good blood. My blood is amazing & I can't even save lives with it. Whatev, I got free American Red Cross shwag... a beanie & a pin. And a voucher for $3.50 for the hospital food court. SCORE. Definitely gave that one to the mom. Then I signed with Karen for about an hour, which was fun, although people in her department were staring like whoa.

Went home, went to the bank with dad, filled out student visa shit, killed the bank. End of story, I pretty much hate the student visa process.

Oh and I kept forgetting that today was Friday... I was still stuck in Thursday, so I forgot that Coop was coming home. She made me be a fat kid and go to Cold Stone for the second time this week... so now it's her fault I'm a fat kid. Good times. Oh and I think Ollie might be a lesbian, she started humping my arm today...

I have to go to sleep so I can wake up for work in the morning. Ugh.

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