Saturday, December 2, 2006

Legal music downloading... Free?

So I found this completely awesome website in Rolling Stone magazine, and it is a legal downloading place that has signed with some major and independent record labels. And the best part? Completely free. The only way this works is that the website is supported by ads, the person downloading (each download is 90 seconds) is forced to stare at the downloads, the record companies get paid w/ money from the ads. It's amazing. There is a downfall or two though: You can't burn this music onto CDs, you can only put it on mp3 players. Also, the music is not supported by Apple, so it won't play on an ipod. But it's awesome for the other people, like myself, who are too poor for an ipod. I'm pumped. The site is supposed to be operational later this month. Woot.

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Kelley said...

Hey Sam,
I just read like the whole page of bloggings and I enjoy them very much. But I feel sad because I feel like I'm not loved. But that's always my problem. Anyways, I miss you and cat and I'll miss you like hell when you go abroad.
You always make me smile with just your personality.
Lova ya and I'll hopefully see you around or something.
Take care,