Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oh our dreams are coming true

Currently listening to: Take a guess... Heaven by DJ Sammy

Love the song more than life itself right now, not gonna lie. Fucking A. So I had a really long day, which consisted of not know I had to work. Anyways, I got no sleep, then I went to work @ 6:00am. Then I went to the eye doctor to get new eyes. Awesome. I kinda want blue contacts, but I feel like they're expensive. The girl that was doing my prescription had the weirdest colored eyes, they were something like aquamarine. Anyways, I picked out some pretty good glasses & that's about it. Oh, and a new type of contact lens, called Acuvue: Oasis. They feel pretty good in the eyes, not gonna lie, although they really do nothing for astigmatism. Whatev.

So tomorrow I get to go pick up my puppy from the vet, 'cause she was getting spayed (or neutered... I can never remember which one the girl dog gets). She'll be soooo sleepy. Just like me. I got home from getting my oil changed, then I fell asleep, then I woke up for dinner, then I fell asleep again. Hours later around 11:30, Coop called & woke me up. That slut. And I was in bed... which confused me. Then I ended up calling Cat. Hehe. Funny chain of events to follow.

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a crazy day, I have to go pick up the pup, then I'm off to go to the mall & Best Buy with mom, then my dad wants me to take him to get contact lenses... then I have to go get coffee with Coop & Maggie. Then Happy Feet with Scott. Woot. I'm pumped.

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