Sunday, December 10, 2006


Woody makes (made?) that sound.
H'ok, so... today was craziness. I'm not sure what time I woke up, but I was pretty much tied in a not & Scotty & Leo were sleeping perpendicular to me. I think Melissa had already gone back to her room a few hours earlier, but a few of us definitely camped out in the "living room" Friday night. Awesome.

Anyways, blogger had a seriously awesome update, now I can drag & drop edit the template, which is totally sweet. AND I found a really good replacement for Outlook Express, but it's by Mozilla. Sweet. And free.

Around 3pm I went to the winter E-Board retreat, even though technically I'm not an E-Board member. Good times. My favorite part was the ice-breakers, not gonna lie, I live for those things. I even got to put a puzzle together (with the help of my teammates) with a blindfold on. Awkward.

Then we had our GSA white elephant gift exchange party/dance party because that's what happens when you add me + Kent + 80's music + open floorspace. We have dance parties. Apparently he is the male version of me, which I love. Now I have a female twin (Melissa) and a male twin (Kent). Does that make them twins by proxy? Hmm... I'm interested to see if they would be curiously similar. I ended up with some homemade chocolates & a purple Etch A Sketch... which I think I left in someone's room. Damnit. Then many of us ended up at a sex toy store. Awkward. But it kinda freaked me out. Anyways, it was funny because that's where I ended up saying goodbye to a lot of people at. Hehe. How fitting.

Later I went & hung out with some friends for a few hours too long & now I'm in my bed typing about life. I should go to sleep.

I like the word snarky. And I'm out.

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