Sunday, June 18, 2006

So I haven't done a real post in a while

Ok, so I started this post about 1 1/2 hour ago... then I got side tracked. Nice. So lately I've been working a lot at the Village & working out @ Powerhouse with Coop. I love me some elliptical. Oh, I ran into Carrie Berglud the other day, that was pretty cool, as I haven't seen her since I was about 10 years old.

This past week has been eventful, I've worked a total of 38 hours since Thursday... so when I say eventful, I mean long. But same thing right? Anyways, I'm totally getting sick of one of my supervisors, who will remain nameless, incase he google's his name or something. He completely bitched at me all night last night for random shit, then accused Scott and I of being too happy, saying that he got a complaint from a resident. What the hell is that? We just like to have fun at work, its not like we're inappropriate within earshot of the residents. Then when we were cleaning up the dishroom, he yelled @ me for getting the clean floors wet, because, you know, water doesn't evaporate, then he accused me of trying to hide the dirty-ness of the sink drain under a bus tub. I will have you know that I've been doing my job for more than 2 years and I know how to clean a fucking sink. Oh, and he said it really smartassed too, like I was trying to pull the wool over his eyes. Maybe if he had opened them, he would have realized that I wasn't even finished cleaning my area yet. Gah. Oh, the angry feelings.

Today was much less eventful, I was just on salads. I made some jello & pudding. Sweet. Then after work, I came home and sat on a chair and fell asleep for about 2 hours... and drooled on the chair. Amazing. Then Coop came over & we went to the park. We ended up sitting under the pavillion because that was the only place that the fishflies weren't wreaking havoc on. They're like locusts, causing great destruction in their path. I will take some pictures this year, so that people who aren't from the New Baltimore area can see just what they do to the downtown area. They only live for 24 hours in their adult stage, and in that 24 hours, they enjoy attaching themselves to buildings. If you leave your lights on at night, your house will be covered in them the next day. I wish I would have brought my camera to the park today, it was ridiculous, the are was thick with them. Oh, and if you happen to drive through a pile of them on the road, your car will slide. And when they're stepped on/driven over, they POP. But the best part is the smell, by far. This little beasts smell like fish. Shocker, right? Yeah, they make the city stink of fish. So why do we have a festival celebrating them? I guess the world will never know.

Oh, back to today, Coop & I went to the park, then after we were in the pavillion for a while, it started to down pour like whoa. Then the thunder & lightening came. Too bad I didn't have the key for the enclosed pavillion with me, that could have been handy. So we went over to the enclosed pavillion anyways, and on the way there, we got completely drenched. Then my dad called all worried & he came to pick us up. Sweet. So we sat @ home and made fun of people's myspace pictures. What a day. Now I'm off to bed.

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jayme Teale said...

Here on Beaver Island we get the fish flies too, but for some reason we call them May Flies. Lame. Anyway... they are gross. The day they hatch I have to go get the hose at work and spray down the ENTIRE building (it's a small building) and the side walk. SUPA lame.

oh... this is jayme if you didn't guess.