Friday, April 28, 2006

Where's My Kevlar Vest?

H'ok, so I won't be updating for a few days, I'm going to Detroit for the weekend for an American Guild of Music fundraiser thang.

Real quick, I got to my car yesterday, because I was going to drive around and do errands, and it had another flat tire. Jesus fucking Christ that's annoying. But whatever, I got this little air compressor and its all sweet and stuff. Oh, and I got myself a $10 purse because I earned it.

The Yellowcard concert totally kicked ass, although I wish I could have gone to the last GSA meeting of the semseter. I ended up setting up for the Virgin Records Megatour Village in the morning, when I couldn't talk and some guy felt sorry for me because he thought I was deaf or something, so he gave me a bunch of gum. It was funny. I'm chewing it right now. Calm down, its not like it was date rape gum, it was this promotional Dentyne stuff that they were giving out. I also scored 3 CDs which I will listen to at my earliest convenience. Woot.

My goldfish died the other day, so now I only have the ugly little silver one left. Pretty sure he's gonna die while I'm gone. But whatever, I don't love him, I only loved the pretty one.

Okay, it's time to go now, I'll be back Sunday afternoon/night. Muah.


Coop said...

was it juan or jose!?!?!?... and way to be heartless you should love all ur pets equal |--|/

Catherine said...

Do you need your highschool diploma sam? It's kinda weird that people are posting degree advertisement on you blog. Kinda dumb.

Anyway. Your goldfish died. The one you don't love. But you know this already. Because it's Monday.

Love Ya!