Friday, April 7, 2006

Now you may remove the peanut butter... gently

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Currently reading: About A Boy by Nick Hornby

Ok, so after the shitty first part of the day, the rest was lovely. I went to Kaya Coffee & Tea Company for a little bit and had a Chai Tea Latte. Mmm Good. I've decided that that is the best coffee shop around, granted I've not been to the other ones, but this one is definitely my style. And they have wireless internet. Hello, I'm living there. Then I went to the GSA office and hung out with Ashley for a bit, then to the library (ok, we stood outside) with Jenny, Dave, Nick, Ben & eventually Phil. That was a bunch of fun. We went off to dinner and then I had to go to class. After Spanish, I went to the Kuhlavi computer lab and Jenny, Dave & I instant messaged each other for about 45 minutes, while sitting in a row. Then we went to the comedy show, featuring Jason Stuart. He was uber funny. Then a few of us from GSA & OTF went out to dinner with him and I ended up sitting across the table from him, which was a lot of fun, as he was a very funny man. Oh, and he's been on a million TV shows, like mother effing Will & Grace. That lasted for about 2 or 3 hours, before we finally had to leave Bennigan's. Now I'm back in my lovely room getting ready for a lovely sleep. Tomorrow should be good times, I have to go to Phil's around 1:00 to get some boy clothes for the drag show, then I have rehearsal @ 2:00. I'm pumped. Buenos noches chicos y chicas.

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Coop said...

Gotta love IMing ppl when they're right beside you... ha ha...i wanna see drag pictures you dyke mucho love :)