Friday, April 14, 2006

Anthony Rapp Coming To SVSU!

Currently watching: Degrassi ... Oooooh its good

Today was a very nice and relaxing day. I got up around 10:00 and had breakfast with Lia & Amanda, then went to Nutrition to turn in my project. Then the professor turned on Super Size Me, which I have been wanting to see forever. Woot. Then I went to ASL. It was wonderful as always. I wish that people here knew sign language so that I could practice more. Around 3:00 I went to Kaya with Jayme and I got to do math. Not gonna lie, I was way too excited. I get some kind of unnatural high off of algebra. Then Benjamin came over and I yet again did his faux hawk. I'm becoming something of a hair dresser. Love it. Oh, and Jayme gave me this awesome stuff to use to make the faux hawks better. Woot.

Went to dinner, then went to class for a while. My teacher's assistant was wearing the most ridiculous hat. It was a pink John Deere hat. Utterly ridiculous. Whoa. My fish won't stop pooping in their "tank", there are fish turds lining the bottom & I already changed their water once today. Anyhoo, Ben & I went back to Kaya, then Phil & Aaron kidnapped us to go to Tim Ho-nuts... I mean Tim Hortons. I got really naseous around this time. I just got back from Phil & Aaron's & it's 2:30. Good times.

I heard that Anthony Rapp (Mark from RENT) is coming to Saginaw Valley State University on Monday, April 17 @ 7:00 to give the keynote speech about the AIDS Quilt that is travelling the country. I really want to go, like nobody's business. If anyone wants to go & preferably can help with getting a ride, let's do this!

Oh, and I don't think that I mentioned this before, but Paul Wesselmann is an excellent speaker, so if you ever get the chance to see him, do it. While we're on the topic of speakers, last night after the OGLP banquet, Ben & I went to check out the speaker that was at Plachta, Morris Dees. The NSM (National Socialist Movement) was protesting him. Yeah, they're the skinheads. Want to know how to freak me out? Yell mean things and protest against everything good. And be jerks.

I'm totally looking forward to horseback riding on Saturday! Woot! Now I'm off to watch RENT.