Friday, April 21, 2006

Too Much Coffee + Not Enough Sleep = 30 Kinds of Stupid

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Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

So... around 10:00 pm last night, Jayme & I went to Kaya to do homework, where we ran into Jay... thus not much homework got done, atleast on my part. I had a Fuze... which was delicious and only 10 calories for an entire bottle. Yummy. Then we went to Campbell Hall front desk, as the lovely Phil was working. I think we stayed there until about 3:30. Somehow we ended up at Lil Chef and I had so much coffee. Wow. So of course I was giddy as all hell. Jenny read some stories that she had written, which were effing hilarious. Woot for short stories. I finally got back to the dorm around 7:30 and fell asleep at about 8:00. Then my body decided that I'm not allowed to sleep when I'm on caffeine overload. I woke up every hour, finally staying awake at eleven. So now I'm totally wired.

In other news, my fish are still alive and I think I want to get a livejournal. Everyone is on livejournal & I would definitely get more readership. Hmm. Maybe I'll just duplicate this blog on Lj. I just don't know.

Oh, we got a new movie channel up here, which is kinda cool, as Madagascar is on it. Woot. It's channel 35 by the way. Very interesting, indeed.


Anonymous said...

bwahahahaha.... come to livejournal! because we are cooler than you and your blogger!

*cough* im ok. you can still keep both... only that's more work... *shrug*

Anonymous said...

oh... the above nut job is me, teh jayme

Tami said...

I'm not cool enough to some up with some witty way of saying get an LJ... you just gotta do it.