Saturday, April 8, 2006

La Vie Boheme

Currently listening to: Come A Little Closer by Dierks Bently
Currently reading: About A Boy by Nick Hornby

The Drag Show was such a success. Wow. I'm pumped. So I went to Phil's today and got clothes... but he sorta dressed me... how can I say? He dressed me like a lesbian. There, I said it, now get out your pitchforks and slay me. So I got redressed by random men and it worked out. I also bought a Fedora from Target because it was uber clearanced. Too bad I couldn't wear it for the drag show. I finally decided that I'd just wear girl pants, since my rear end sorta makes any pair of boy pants look like girl pants anyways. Oh, and Fifty did a goutee for me... then she got her saliva on my face. Watch while I die, I hate saliva. I think it worked out well though. I'll be posting pictures later. Our show was totally off the hook. I think the audience liked our rendition of NSync. It was sweet.

I think the best part of the show was the "after party" at Shoney's. That place is absolutely disgusting, first of all, that's why I ordered exactly a Coke. This was like the "La Vie Boheme" scene out of RENT, it was amazing. I think I went to dinner with about 4 professional drag queens. Amazing. And one of them bitched out someone. Woot. That's the way life should be.