Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Deep calming breaths...

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Currently reading: Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

Tomorrow is the last actualy day of classes! Woot! However, it's going to be the longest day in the history of the universe. Ever. Actually today was, but tomorrow is gonna be just as long. Here's today's schedule:

Wake up -- 10:30
Meet W/ Ana -- 11:45
ASL Exam -- 12:30
Kroger W/ Lia -- 2:00
Catch up on my effing email -- 2:40
Rec. for Senior Citizens -- 3:30
RSO Meeting for SAC reservation dates -- 5:00
Grawn to print everything in the world -- 6:00
Spanish -- 7:00
Program Board Meeting -- 8:00
Alternative Breaks Meeting -- 9:00
Homework -- Until I die

So, today was a really good day, minus running all over hell. And I got a lot done. Now I have to do a weeks worth of Spanish homework, then go to bed, because my schedule for tomorrow is just as bad:

Wake up -- 7:30
Be @ Finch for the Virgin Megatour Village setup -- 8:00
Go to the OGLP -- 12:00
Spanish Exam -- 1:00
Community Health -- 3:30
Dinner -- 5:00
Yellowcard Concert Setup -- 6:00
Yellowcard Concert w/ Mae -- 8:00

And all the while I can't speak because I'm doing a Day of Silence for oppression of gay people. Woot. Hello sign language. I can start speaking at 6:00 though. Good stuff. Off to Spanish homework.

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Coop said...

yo... i have EXACTLY a month left... so i pretty much hate you... have fun not talking