Monday, April 3, 2006

I'm an idiot...

Currently listening to: Pop by NSync
Currently reading: Family Trust by Amanda Brown

So I'm pretty sure I did something that I'm going to regret very soon. I was going to be late for Spanish this morning because I got up around 12:20, so I decided to ride my bike. Enter rain and snow. And to make matters worse, I decided to go to the SAC because I had an insane urge to run. Now I'm sick. Fucking A. ... I guess it's nothing a little chai tea and dad's chicken soup can't fix. Let me just say that I am getting so much use out of that little illegal electric kettle thing. I love it. I use it just about every day. Woot. Wow, I'm gulping down this tea like it's my job.

Ugh... I'm gonna go take a nice hot shower now.