Saturday, April 15, 2006

Milo made me his bitch

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About A Boy by Nick Hornby

Well, yesterday didn't turn out like I planned, but it was awesome. Around 5, Jenny came & kidnapped Ben & I and we went to a new coffee shop called Fifi's French Press. It's very La Vie Boheme meets Paris. Loves it. We ran around downtown Mount Pleasant for a few hours, then went to see
Scary Movie 4 at 9:10. It was surprisingly funny. Somehow we ended up at Phil & Aaron's and decided to dye Easter Eggs and make a creepy hand out of wax. Fast forward to 5:00am when I got back to my dorm. Let's just say I fell asleep quickly. Now I want to watch A League of Their Own real bad. I've got the song that the team sings completely stuck in my head.

H'ok, so... here's today: Well, I woke up around 12:00 and went down to brunch. I ran into Bob Lewan and we ate together. He's seems pretty cool. Around 1:20, Jason & Becky got here and we left. Oh, and Jason got me a kit for my car that includes jumper cables. Woot. We got to the riding stables about an hour and a half later. Sweet. I looked like a cowgirl today too, braided pig tails and all. I rode the horse named "Milo". He was pretty good. I wish we had gotten to ride more though. Then we went back to Becky's parents' house and had a nice dinner. I got back to the dorm around 8:00. Bedtime.

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Mutha said...

You ever SEE a horsie-wanker?

BITCH INDEED. Neeeeeiiiiiiighhhhhhh.