Thursday, April 6, 2006

Delusions of Grandeur

Currently listening to: Our Lives by The Calling
Currently reading: Family Trust by Amanda Brown

Have you ever gone to a movie, watched it all the way through, then felt completely unsatisfied when you were done? I just did. Although Watermelon Woman had potential, I was rather unimpressed with it. I liked the idea that it was a movie about making a documentary and that could have gone very far and been very interesting if it was pursued in the right direction. I think that it was going for a dramatic, unpolished look, however, it achieved a tacky result. I remember one quote that made me cringe, one of the characters was trying to get the other one to calm down, instead of saying "calm down" or "chill out," she said "Kool and the Gang." Please tell me, does anyone say that? Ever? Granted this film was made in the mid 90s, it tried to use slang that was completely demented. Oh, and not to sound like a bigoted douche bag, but I don't think that there were any straight characters in the film at all. Ok, go ahead and slap me next time you see me, but I'm serious, if the writer was trying to make a realistic film/documentary, then there should be a few token straight characters, as not every single person in the Philidelphia metro area is gay.

Although an interesting concept for a film would be to turn the tables and have straight people living in a heterophobic society instead of gay people living in a homophobic society. Maybe I'll write a book about it. Then I could sell it to a screen writer, who would try to woo me with delusions of grandeur and maybe buy me a new hybrid car, but I would have to seek out other options because I'm not going to sell myself to the first bidder. Then there would be a bidding war over my extraordinary novel and I would become rich. After that, the screenplay would sit in some dark, dirty room at Time Warner for a few years. Then miraculously one day, an intern would stumble upon it and give it to his or her boss, who would promote them and they would be payed large sums of money to produce my film. Then it would flop at the box office, but I would still make money on DVD sales because I'm awesome. I love delusions of grandeur.

You know what just popped into my head? Remember when they had those batteries, Duracell I think, and you could check how much power they had left by pressing your thumbs on the two little white dots? Where did they go? I loved those and I grabbed a battery today and tried to do that, however there were no dots or energy indicators, so I just looked kinda special.

I have to go to bed now, I have a big day tomorrow! At 10:15 a.m. (I know you're asking yourself how I will ever wake up for that) I have an interview for a Deskie position at the Larzy front desk. I'm pumped. Then I have class from 11:00 'til 2:00, then I'm at Maple wood until about 6:45, then la clase de espanol until 8:00, then I'm going to Phil's to raid his closet for the drag show. Wish me luck!

So, I have a little party in my head every time I get a new comment... it obviously doesn't take much to get me excited... anyways, moral of the story, leave me comments, tell me what you like, tell me what you hate, tell me about your day, tell me about someone elses day, I don't care, I just love comments. I'm done whining now, goodnight.