Sunday, April 9, 2006

The day my car stood still...

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About A Boy by Nick Hornby

Today was such a special day. First of all, it's Nana's Birthday (75), so happy birthday Nana. Second of all, today sucked. So I'm in my car today around 2:00, going to pick up Benjamin for lunch at Max & Emily's, anyways, I'm in the library lot, as it is really close to the music building. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I pulled out of that parking lot, heard a funny noise coming from my car, and then I drove to the nearest lot, which happened to be the one in between Barnes & the UC. I get out of my car in investigate the crime scene and guess what. My tire is comletely flat. So I drive it about 20 feet to a parking space and get out to survey the damage yet again, like it was going to change. Oddly enough, it did change. Now my tire was completely off the rim and just kinda chillin' in the wheel well area. Boy was I pissed, because I'm pretty sure that that was the tire that was just replaced and apparently the Discount Tire people don't know how to seal a tire correctly. That said and done, I called Phil and Aaron so they could come pick me up. Soon we had 5 people in the car on the way to Max & Emily's. We ate and it was delicious, then we walked around down town for a wee bit of time, stopping for a minute at Green Tree. Woot.

Ben and I went to Jenny's to hang out for a while, along with Dave & Jenny's sister, Jill. Nick was cutting something up on the floor for the entirety of our visit. Around 6:00, we went back to the car, this time with Dave, who knows stuff about cars. Good thing my car comes with a jack that wouldn't lift a kitten off the ground. Long story short, we called my insuarce company because I have free towing and such, and they came to change my tire for me. Phil showed up sometime in here. As they were pulling away, my car wouldn't start. I think I pissed off God. After an hour or two, my car took a charge and I drove it away into the sunset.

Later I went to a benefit concert and Vanessa was playing. It was pretty good. After that, Phil, Ben & I went over to the party at Kristen's house. I promptly killed my second assassins target, Robert Emigh. Sweet. We stayed for a little while, took some interesting photos, then we left. Good times.