Monday, May 1, 2006

A dollop, a dollop, a dollop... of Crazy

Currently listening to: Bad Day by Daniel Powter
Currently reading: Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

H'okay so here's the fucking weekend. Dang, that is a sweet weekend you might say. Long. I'm tired still. I got approximately 6 hours of sleep. All weekend. Sweet. I'm still tired. I need a venti heroin mocha latte like now. It was chock full of drama, but whatever. So. We had to be room monitors for the entire weekend, which meant being the judges bitch. Good fun.

Oh, so we went out to the club Backstreet in Dearborn and it was a lot of fun. Ran into a guy from high school there. Lil bit awkward. I hate when people spell awkward wrong. One time, someone wrote the word awkward in my yearbook and spelled it wrong. Now its there forever. She spelled it "Aquard". I wish it was okay to go back and change the spelling for her, but that's pretty lame. What kind of loser fixes someones spelling in their own yearbook. Lame.

I just google searched shpank. Wow. And the sleeves of my shirt are really large.

Go here. Type naughty things.

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