Sunday, May 7, 2006

Oh hell, I'm tired

Currently listening to: Everybody Wants to Change The World by Tears for Fears
Currently reading: Elle Decor

H'okay, so I got home on Thursday... and I'm not sure what exactly I did, besides stop every 30 miles and put air in my effing tires. It's bull shite I tell you. Friday I kinda just chilled out and attempted to get my laundry started. Then I got lazy and took a nap. I worked Saturday and today. Bah. I did a whole lot of laundry today. That's about it. Oh, and I took a nap. Apparently I've learned how to nap. Shock me.

My dad insists on watching Van Helsing right now. I hate that movie. It's lame. Although... Hugh Jackman is a hot hot man. Super hot. So is Tom Collins (Jesse L. Martin) from RENT. Hot.

Now its that time again. Grey's Anatomy is calling my name.

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BenD said...

Update bee-hotch! Hugs and kisses and all the best wishes...