Thursday, February 12, 2004

why must i be pelted with milk?

Today was interesting to say the least, first we had a math test, and if I did it right, it was really easy, but I don't know if I knew what the teacher was asking, it was all very vague. I'm ready to kill this keyboard, we got another one today, but it makes me type slow, it's like a workout having to push down these insanely heavy keys. Skankman wasn't here today, as Catherine said, he's probably doing his laundry. Oh my God, my mom just force-fed me a fried chicken gizzard, now I want to die. It's like biting into dehydrated boiled egg or an old leather shoe or a bouncy ball or a bean bag chair. I wonder what the function of a gizzard is. Anyway, lunch was fun today too, but not nearly as fun as after lunch. Catherine, Lia, and I were standing at Catherine's locker and all of the sudden it feels like someone threw a baseball at my arm. Well, it wasn't a baseball, it was a frozen carton of chocolate milk, it hurt like heck. I'll tell y'all what I said when we get to the random quote part of the blog. You should have seen Catherine and Lia's faces, they were laughing so hard that they were crying! Then when I got home, we had to take my cat to the vet and he hid in my coat until we got into the little room that smells like disinfectant. I looked like a really fat person that had all their fat on one side of their body and a tail sticking out of my stomach. I know, what a good image. And now for the quotes.

1. The only reason it popped out is because it popped out before -- Catherine

2. Porno-ey -- me -- we were discussing reading fanfiction and starting to read a NC-17 by accident, so it's porno-ey.

3. Porno-ey sounds like pork and weed -- Kriss

4. It was a chunky! -- me -- I was wiping something off the table someone looked at me weird for it.

5. WHAT THE F***? -- me -- after being pelted with chocolate milk

6. I see it! -- Nicole

You know what I've noticed? When I'm talking (or blogging) I tend to go off on tangents, like today in Skankman's class, we were discussing our one act play then we got to sweedish fish and Y2K candy. I think my work is done here. For all of you who don't know who Rupert is, I have provided a link.