Monday, February 2, 2004

boredom never ceases to amaze me

Skankman's class was so unbelievably boring today, I actually caught myself talking to myself while listening to the Crucible. The only fun part was when we had to fill in the quiz to find out who we should date, but some of the questions were kinda creepy, there was a question about what would your date be wearing and two of the choices were 'lab coat' and 'vanity jacket'. May I be the first to ask what the heck a vanity jacket is? There was one other good part of the class when Skankman puffed out his cheeks and looked exactly like Mr. Sharrow, who has an uncanny resemblance to an ape. I only have one quote for today and it's from Allison Deeb -- "When I chew gum, I feel like I have a fever." How random can you get? And I'm leaving y'all with one last question to ponder. What is going on with Janet Jackson's boob?