Thursday, February 19, 2004

corn dogs make my day

Sorry to all my faithful readers (yeah...right), I didn't have time to blog yesterday. School was pretty boring, it didn't realize how quiet it was without Cat there. Perhaps wasn't there either though, so it was a good day. My physics teacher is a wanker right now, as I said before, he marked me down on my straw egg drop thing and I'm still not over it. After school, I went to the mall with Amy, Kelley, and Michelle. I didn't realize how fun the mall was, we went to Hot Topic. As of yesterday, I was a Hot Topic virgin. We stayed in there for about an hour, they have some really cool shirts and stuff in there. I was gonna get this one Sex Pistols shirt, it had a British flag on it, but I didn't 'cause there was only one left and it was a 2X. Amy found me this Frank'N'Furter button, then I started looking through the buttons and as soon as I looked this other one, I immediately thought of Cat, so I bought it. Then, Amy was looking through the shirts and she found the coolest frickin' shirt ever. It was Frank'N'Furter's face in black and white! I had to buy it, it is so unbelievably awesome! Then, I saw this patch of Pink Floyd 'Dark Side of The Moon', and I couldn't resist, I had to get it for my mom, she talks about that album all the time, she was so happy when I gave it to her. I had to get out of there, I was spending a little too much money, so then we went to Walden Books. BTW it shouldn't be called Walden, it gives me bad dreams. I found an awesome book on Frank Lloyd Wright, who is this awesome architect, on the bargain rack. As if my day couldn't have gotten any better, we went to the food court and I had A&W and they had CORN DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corn dogs are so great! Then we started talking and for some reason, Amy brought up the time in second grade when we went to the zoo, and my dad was a chaperone. It was me, Amy, Jacqueline (Gerow), and this other girl. As soon as she mentioned the zoo, we both cracked up, we thought of the exact same thing at the same time. My dad had bought us all these big lolli pops with sticks that were about a foot long, and we all started breaking the candy off and playing with the sticks. We were weird kids. After that, we went to Bath and Body works and smelled everything! It was really good, we left smelling like a fruit salad. After that, we went back to my house, and they spent the night. Our moms talked on the phone for like half an hour and turns out, they grew up like two streets away. Anyway, we started watching Dogma, but we all fell asleep before it ended, so we finished it this morning, along with watching Bend It Like Beckham. YAY!! I love that movie. I didn't do all that much today, but I had to make dinner again. I make some bitchin' fried chicken. Oh no, I gotta go, survivor is starting!