Monday, February 23, 2004

save the cows

Today started off bad, I woke up at 7:00, but at least I didn't have any weird dreams. Not all that much happened today, but I'm happy to report that skankman wore the outfit again today. My mom is such a dork, she put a can of Pounce cat treats in my backpack. I don't know if Chris reads this, but if he does, maybe he should look in his backpack - hehe. I was feeling mean, so I had lia put the cat treats in his backpack. There's definately a few good quotes today, so here they are:

1. We're not watching your pack -- Amanda

2. I can't give it to her -- Cat

3. PINEAPPLE!!!!! -- Cat

4. It hurts my back, hunching over and doing it -- me -- I would explain this one, but I'd rather have you see if you can figure out what I was doing.

5. Save the cows -- Lia

6. I'm in a sack -- me -- I don't know what the hell I was saying.

7. You were willing, it's not like rape -- Lia -- not talking about sex.

8. She wants to put me out -- Cat

9. I'm a saver -- Cat

10. It looks word -- me -- I think, I think I was trying to say It looks weird.

YUCK!! I just went outside to put something in the trash and the ground is so wet, it squelched under my shoes. I thought I'd leave you all with a nice thought. Bubbye.