Saturday, February 14, 2004

medusa is an understatement

Now I'm awake and I can blog. Friday was okay, we didn't do all that much in class though. I got some kisses though!! Then Cat, Lia and I did about half of our government homework online, but then i was so tired so I called it quits. Then I had to get up early to babysit, then they cancelled so I went back to sleep but I for got to set my alarm and I woke up about a quarter of the way through little boys hockey so I put on a pair of jeans with my pajamas and left, I didn't even brush my hair. I looked like frickin' medusa. I had to get there though 'cause I had to be there when Trevor was done so he wouldn't have to wait for his mom alone. Then I put together our pantry, which was oddly entertaining. Then I had to make dinner, we had spaghetti. Good times. Then I got back online with Lia and Cat and we pretty much finished our government worksheet. When we were done, I talked to Kelley on AIM and we had one heck of a good time. We were doing a crossover of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the show Degrassi, it was really funny! I only have one quote for today:

1. You guys are guests in my corn! -- Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams

I didn't like last Thursday's survivor.