Tuesday, February 17, 2004

sex in school restrooms = unhygienic

Before I even start, CATHERINE HAS OFFICIALLY EARNED THE TITLE OF DUMBASS. We were gonna go to the swim meet tonight at 5:30, so I could get a good lane to time, and she was going to drive. 5:30 rolls around, then 5:40, then finally 5:50, so my mom drives me up there. I'm expecting her to be up there, maybe she had forgotten to pick me up, no such luck. Then I realize there are no lanes left, so I'm completely useless. So I'm standing around, talking to people for an hour, then it's 7:00 and the meet is practically over. Guess who decides to grace us with her presence, you guessed it, Catherine. It was pretty funny actually, she was practically yelling at herself, I was merely a spectator. Now that that's out of the way, not much happened first and second hour, but then in Skankman's class, I realized he was wearing the skank-pants AGAIN, he wore the whole outfit yesterday. Fourth hour was especially boring today, but now I want to be in the CIA. Lunch was special, there weren't many quotes to speak of, but Cat, Lia and I were standing in the commons, close to our lockers and I said something like "I just saw a guy running out of the girls bathroom!" then I saw a few security guards around, but I thought nothing of it. It turns out that there was a guy and a girl fornicating (sex for all of you lucky enough not to be in Skankman's class) in there, with another guy taping it. Good times. I guess sometimes you just gotta have sex in the unsanitary school bathrooms, they must of used the handicap stall. Not much else happened today, but there are two very important words I must share with all of you, wanker and flog, now onto the quotes:

1. Sam! -- me -- Michelle yelled my name, then Steph looked back, so I yelled it to her, don't ask why.

2. He's obsessed with staring at you while he's going to the bathroom. -- Cat

3. He did sex in the court. -- me -- We were discussing the Scarlet Letter test, and the word fornication and someone said that they put "Giles did fornication in the court" so I translated it into layman's terms.

4. He doesn't want you pasting things he said to me. -- Cat

5. You're a stupid head. -- me -- Cat said something stupid, so I called her on it with a no fail comeback.

Laters! (Sorry, I couldn't resist. If you haven't seen Bend It Like Beckham, disregard the last comment and replace it with bubbye.)