Monday, February 16, 2004

exorbitant is my new favorite word

We harvested an exorbitant amount of quotes today, but first I'll share the highlights of my day. The French teacher wasn't there today, what a way to start the day! It went downhill from there, in Math, I got my test grade from last week, and lets just say it wasn't pretty, but to top it off, after the teacher saw my face, she said "Yeah, you made some pretty stupid mistakes." Ouch, way to burst my bubble. Skankman was wearing the skank outfit AGAIN, what's the tally now, like 2O times in 6 weeks? Government was boring as ever, lunch on the other hand, was a different story, but more on that later. In CAD, Mrs. Stinky-Ass wasn't there so we played computer games all hour. Physics was all right, my egg drop contraption got me an A, the teacher marked me down because I used duct tape instead of masking tape. I didn't know there was a difference. Now onto the quotes, once again I reserve the right to explain mine.

1. Did their tongues touch? -- Cat

2. I had to rip a part of my bag off and it looked like a pair of underwear. -- me -- Isn't it self explanatory?

3. I had to rip part of my thing off. -- me -- I was trying to say the above sentence, and I couldn't remember the word bag.

4. Your tongue vibrates. -- Lia

5. Quasi Modo (sp?) would be proud of this hump. -- Nicole

6. You're not feeling the chunky? -- Amanda

7. Would you stop poking the cheese? -- me -- Catherine was poking Lia's cheese.

8. Look it's the herpes dolphin. -- Krista

9. What's herpes? -- Nicole

10. Herpes is food that you put on salad. -- Krista

11. She's getting her legs fixed. -- me -- Explaining why my old lady neighbor is at Presbyterian Village.

12. It smells like dirty socks in Mrs. Christopher's room. -- Amanda

13. This is a work of art. -- Lia -- Describing her sandwich.

14. No, this is a work of art, that is a sandwich. -- me -- Telling Lia that my sandwich, which by the way was rolled up, was better than hers.

15. I'm so sick of straws. -- Amanda

Lunch was very interesting today. Bubbye.