Sunday, February 1, 2004

decus et tutamen

I didn't feel like posting yesterday. Last night, Catherine, Amy, Kelley, and Michelle (Culbertson) spent the night and we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, that movie is so good. While we were watching it we contemplated the idea of performing it as a school play, but the Nazi (hmm, I wonder which principle I'm refering to) would never allow it. We did assign parts though: I of course would be Frank 'N' Furter, cuz I know all of his lines and I look damn good in a corset and a pair of fishnets, no wait that's Tim Curry. Kelley would be Janet, I think Michelle was going to be Columbia, I can't even remember who Amy was going to be, and Catherine was going through an identity crisis as she couldn't decide between Magenta, Brad, or Rocky. We had a series of weird assed conversations too, resulting in the following quotes. I reserve the right to explain mine and leave the others up to your imagination.

1. You can't kip a tow. -- Catherine

2. Bang, bang, bang! -- Catherine

3. Decus et tutamen! -- Catherine

4. Nemo me impune lacessit! -- Catherine

5. I enjoy them, they are small and thick. -- me -- I was talking about the British Pound, it is a small, heavy coin.

6. Sausage! -- Michelle

7. I said Peter! -- Michelle -- She so did not!

8. I would lay on your cow. -- me -- Pretty self explanitory, don't you think?

9. I was mesmerizd by the gayness of it, there's gay, then there's the gay subtext of it. -- me -- Someone was talking about like the show Queer as Folk and I said that I had seen it once, leading to the preceding comment.

10. He's like this big and he talks, who does that? -- me -- I don't remember.

11. It shot out at me! -- me -- I was burning a CD and the tray shot out at me, subsequently stubbing my finger.

I'm not going to write the rest of the quotes as they may be severely misconstrued. I must leave you all now, Survivor Allstars is on.