Saturday, February 7, 2004

the simpsons is f***ed up

My blog was broken yesterday! I got to leave fourth hour and go to Port Huron with my cousin and my mom and my aunt, but my cousin and I just hung around the library. How nerdy does that sound? We went on the computers there so Trevor could play chess and these two creepy guys (40-ish) were watching our every move, then we went into a chat room cuz we were bored and they kept saying what we were typing, then we went to this trivia site and played a Simpsons trivia game. For the record I hate the Simpsons with a passion. These guys kept answering the questions before Trevor could, so finally I left for a minute and told my mom what was going on and she told one of the employees that looked like a pro wrestler and he told the weirdos that they were making us uncomfortable and he made them leave! Then I went and saw Big Fish with Catherine and we saw Christie and her sister, and by the end of the movie, practically everyone in the theater was crying except me, but if I had been watching the movie alone I would have cried my eyes out, it was that good. Today I haven't done crap, except the dishes. I saw this question on another website "If I put my car battery in backwards, will my horn suck?"