Wednesday, February 11, 2004

are you paraspadias?

First, my mom's stupid keyboard broke about twenty minutes ago and Steph was im-ing me and I didn't reply, so I felt kinda bad, but it wouldn't let me type, so I had to go upstairs and get mine. Anyway, today was a good day for random comments, just like before, I reserve the right to explain mine and leave the others to your imagination:

1. Swoon Affadavit -- Catherine

2. People don't use oatmeal anymore -- Catherine

3. Don't drop a naked egg -- Mr. Miller

4. I can't do pencils -- Me -- I was explaining how I cannot use pencils, only pens

5. You have nugget sauce on your face -- Me -- Chris was sitting at the table with some sort of sauce on his face and nugget seemed to be the optimal word.

6. Chris are you paraspadias? -- Lia -- Btw, paraspadias is a strange, probably painful disease.

This one is Catherine's favorite:
7. Penis, penis, penis, penis, penis, penis, penis, penis -- Me -- Someone said they didn't like the word penis, so I couldn't resist.

Here's two that I found in one of my notebooks:
8. I don't want pork in barrels -- Catherine

9. Think before you scribble -- Lia

And I'm spent! Oh, and I hate Bill Nye The Science Guy, but we had to watch it today and it had people falling, it was so great! Now I have to put some people on my buddy list, as of now, Steph is the only one on it.