Tuesday, February 10, 2004

i would like to present you this nugget of happiness

Wow, that stupid AMC test made me want to die! It seriously fried my brain, after taking it, I went to class and realized that I forgot my stuff in the library. Skankman has got to be kidding, he wore the outfit AGAIN! Oh, and on the test we took today on the Crucible, there were some strange multiple choice answers, for example:
1. Elizabeth is a frigid, sexually distant woman.
2. Abigail Williams is an aggressive sexual partner.
3. Fornication. (Yay!)
4. Sexual freedom.
5. Blasphemy. (Double yay!)

Lunch was fun today too. Chris said he was going to eat the fry container because he was so hungry, so I said "If you eat that I will give you this," I pull off the tab thing that comes on pop cans, "nugget of happiness." He didn't want it, but a few minutes later we called Jeff over and I asked him if he wanted it, he gladly took it. The in CAD, Karen, Norm and I had to go and measure Mr. Wnuk's room and all his furniture, while his class was there. We had a test in Physics, then Steph and I were passing notes and she has this really cool pen, now I want one. While I was getting ready to throw her the note, the bell went off for the announcements and she said my face looked hilarious, like I thought the bell caught me. Joel, the constant source of entertainment said something about Moon Unit Zappa after reading the words Earth unit. Yes, Moon Unit Zappa is an actual person, along with her brothers Dweezil and Omit. I think their parents were a little impaired during the naming process. Anyway, I saw Earth unit while taking the test and laughed out loud, fortunately no one heard me except Joel. I finally got my hair cut today, the back of it was growing at an alarming speed, like twice as fast as the rest of my hair, I think it has a mind of it's own. Just before I left to walk home, it started blizzarding but I think it's over now. Darn the luck, I don't want to go to school tomorrow, I think we have a math test. Speaking of blizzarding, who came up with that name and what were they smoking?