Sunday, February 29, 2004

58 things not to say

Here's the quotes from the last few days, just as a warning, most of us were in a perverted mood last night. Oh, I just remembered that Cat is afraid of coffee grinders:

1. I have a kinky head. -- Cat

2. I'm horn happy -- Lia

3. Kissing on the playground...that's how kids learn -- Perhaps it was Allison Drompp

4. I have a transvestite on my backpack -- me -- Ooh the possibilities

5. You need to stop stroking and suck! -- me, to Cat -- We were making subs and putting them in sub bags and you have to suck the air out

6. You're so lucky I swallowed -- Amy

7. Give me the fuzzy really fast -- Cat

8. Do you dance crunchy? -- me -- I was trying to describe the way Cat was trying to imitate me dancing

9. And then there was a doorknob -- Cat

10. I can't pass it, I'm over here -- me -- I don't know what I was talking about

11. It was like.......(in a gremlin voice) HAHAHA -- Amy

12. My daddy bought me a ball of rabbit fur -- Cat

13. He was on the roof in his underwear -- Cat (BTW - the next quote immediately followed this one)

14. I did that once! -- me -- I was kidding, I just couldn't pass that one up

15. I was wearing underwear but not solely underwear -- me -- trying to explain that last time I was on my roof I was wearing underwear but I was wearing clothing over them

16. He's very homosexual, he even pees like a girl -- me -- I was talking about my dog

17. I did not, I did not lick my dog! -- me -- I didn't lick my dog

18. Look at that sexy girl in the window! -- Cat -- This one I will clarify because it make Cat sound kinda gay. Amy was trying to seduce my window and Cat was saying what Amy was thinking

19. I'm not done counting yet, do it as hard as you can! -- Cat

20. I just saw the shadow of the fan -- me -- I saw the shadow of the fan and I thought it was my mom

21. She chose shower over Sam! -- me -- I don't know what the hell I was talking about

22. I turn around and there's this tree walking towards me -- Cat

23. See we don't have a Bob, we have a Dennis -- me -- We were talking about having family members with the last name Walsh and my cousin's name is Dennis and Cat's relative's name is Bob

24. Sam, it's a little crooked -- Cat

25. You're holding that sandwich a little suggestively -- Amy

26. Get me twisty! -- me -- I was yelling at Cat to get me a twist tie

27. Okay, now who wants to take their crap off? -- me -- asking people to take their stuff off that table

28. I'll sleep with Amy -- Lia -- The next quote immediately followed this one

29. No, that's my job -- Cat

30. Kelley, get you're thing over here -- Cat

31. No, one's tighter -- me -- I was describing that one of the cots was stiffer than the other

32. I don't know which way I'm supposed to do it -- me -- I was having technical difficulties with an Aero bed

33. Quit being kinky! -- Lia

34. I can't push it in -- me -- there was this thing on the Aero bed and I couldn't close the cap

**********Johnny Depp just said "Horse of a different color"**********

35. The big gaping hole -- me -- I don't remember

36. That reminds me of Paul -- Lia

37. I'll go out there in my underwear -- Cat

38. I'll sleep with you Michelle -- Lia -- the next one immediately followed this one

39. No, that's my job! I get them both! -- Cat -- WTF!!

40. Fuck is an anagram -- me -- Self explanatory isn't it? Fornication Under Consent of the King. People in old England had to get permission to have sex

41. You're my CO-PAIN -- me -- We were talking about French class and copain means friend

42. MR. WARREN -- Cat -- we were watching Rocky Horror and Riff Raff closely resembles Mr. Warren

43. It's crumpled in the corner -- me -- I don't remember

44. OH! M&M'S! I GOTTA PEE -- me -- I was imitating Michelle I think

45. You look like you're walking on the moon -- me -- Cat was walking on the Aero bed and she looked like she was walking on the moon

46. Lia crawled under the chair with me and asked if she could fornicate with me -- Cat -- I don't even want to know

47. I enjoy having color on my hands -- me -- we were discussing the fact that M&M's lie, they do melt in you're hands

48. Which way do you want me? -- Cat -- Ya know what, I don't remember, but I don't want to know what was going on

49. Lia, do you want 3 men in your tub -- Cat

50. You got a little happy with the up arrow -- Cat

51. Sam, watch Mama -- my mom -- I don't even remember

52. I was a transvestite in another life -- Cat

53. Last time I checked, I wasn't a guy -- Lia -- the next quote immediately follows this one

54. Well, you better check, those things crawl up on ya fast -- Cat

55. We have Janet, Magenta, and Columbia filled up! -- Cat

56. Manties -- Lia -- the new word for man panties

57. I keep getting my face caught on the zipper -- me -- Okay, okay, I admit that sounds really questionable but I had to take my hoodie off because the zipper was hurting me

58. Catherine, I have to practice something on you -- Lia

Now no one can yell at me for not having enough quotes.