Friday, September 9, 2005

Well... Last night was an interesting one. Lauren Irwin came over and told us scary things about New Baltimore that makes me not wanna go home again and furthermore I don't ever wanna see the film they make about Morrow Road... Seems a wee bit to scary for me. Anyhoo, yesterday was a crazy one, let me tell you. I went to class and fell asleep in economics because I was so damn tired, I was writing notes and fell asleep in the middle of a word, I was rubber necking it throughout the entire class. French was marginally better, no sleepies. ASL was good as ever, we did pantomime, which was a lot of fun.

Around 4 yesterday, Lia called with the realization that we had a film review for gerontology and it was due this morning at 11:00. So we dashed up to the video store and rented Meet Joe Black for 50 cents. It was a really long movie and I cried because the ending was sad. Then Cat and I watched Fried Green Tomatoes because its the best movie ever. In the whole world. And I turned Cat into a Fried Green Tomatoes lover. Yay.

Now it is time to shower, so while I'm gone, ponder just how awesome I am.

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