Sunday, September 11, 2005

I <3 The SAC

I've fallen madly in love with the SAC. I wanna be there all the time. Yesterday I ran a mile and biked five miles, then I just did some strength training. Yeah, I know running a mile is nothing special, but I'm proud of myself, I'm not much of a runner. I found a couple of machines that I'm absolutely loving, they're mostly for working your legs, but there's this one that's really cool, I can't describe it though. Anyhoo, yesterday, I woke up and went to breakfast, then came home and studied, I accidentally fell asleep, but only for an hour and a half ;). I got back to the studying, so all I have to do today is read a little more psychology, a quick french exercize and I'll probably end up doing some med terms work. I can name all of the abdominopelvic regions! Right Hypochondriac, Epigastric, Left Hypochondriac, Right Lumbar, Umbilical, Left Lumbar, Right Iliac, Hypogastric, Left Iliac! Yess! I totally win at life.

I might do some laundry today, it seems like a good idea. I'll prolly end up going back to the SAC today as well, there's prolly not a lot of people there on Sundays. The first swing dancing lesson is today too! I'm so excited. OH! I have to return Meet Joe Black too. Well, I get to leave campus today! That's an exciting development. Well, I'm off to study psych. Yay.

Aww...damn, I just remembered that it was September 11.

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