Friday, September 2, 2005

Hola mis amigos

I recently (2 seconds ago) realized how to turn the comments back on, so you all better start leaving them, I'd feel very bad about myself if I didn't get any. I'm sitting in my living room, in the big NB, bored shitless. Well, I'm watching Six Feet Under and bored shitless. It is a delicious show. And I can't fall asleep because I'm excited, I turn 18 in about 15 minutes! Woot! But I'm not doing anything for my birthday because I'm a loser, I do get to see my brother tomorrow, which I'm excited about, since I haven't seen him in at least a good month or so.

Cat and I made the 3 hour-ish trek home today, stopping for 10 minutes at Birch Run so I could get a back pack for cheap. It's sexy & green. I don't understand why I all the sudden like green, but I do... a lot. Anyways, I gouged my finger on my cell phone holder thing and a nice chunk of skin fell off... it was only a few minutes from home though. Got home around 4. It was sexy, I immediately left and went to Selfridge with Nana and my mom. That was good fun. I saw an awesomely named cereal there, "Mini Frosted Spooners", which prompted me to call Cooper because we have a running spooning joke. You wouldn't understand. Sorry.

Anyhoo, I got some cereal, granola bars, dish soap, tampons, white out and other random junk. It was a good trip to the base. I heart tax free shopping. Oh, by the way, I want to marry Birch Run. It's simply unbelievable. Everything is constantly on sale.

I gotta go to the village this weekend to start a series of interviews with a person over 70 for my gerontology class and I know just the right person to interview, she's my favorite resident and has an interesting perspective on life. I'll prolly do that tomorrow over a nice cuppa Timmy's.

I have so much shit to do in this almost 4 day weekend. We coulda been home yesterday around 7 pm, but I had a gerontology class today from 11:00 until 11:50, I had to stay for a 50 minute class, which I could have completely blown off, but didn't because I paid for it. Damnit. I assume that I will blow it off occasionally, but only to get home to do an interview, so it is an acceptable reason. I swear its a good reason, don't pick on me.

I came home to 6 CDs that I had ordered offa BMG, they're tres sexy: Kelley Clarkston -- Breakaway, Modest Mouse -- Good News For People Who Love Bad News, Lifehouse -- Lifehouse, Counting Crows -- Films About Ghosts, Graham Colton Band -- Drive, & Fall Out Boy -- From Under The Cork Tree. Wooooooooooooooot. That's sexy, the only unsexy thing is that I have to bring them back up to school to put them on my laptop, which I really don't want to do, but I'll live. I just see myself losing the CDs... and I don't wanna, I love CDs. Speaking of, I have a whole bunch of CDs to put on my computer still, maybe I'll bring them all up this time and hide them in my trunk so I can't lose them. Maybe.

I have to remember to bring a cable splitter and a long cable cord up to school. Maybe if I put it on my blog, someone will remind me to do it. Oh! Jill & Jenny are coming up to Mt. Pleasant on Tuesday ( I could say just to visit me, because I'm awesome, but they're up for the casino). It should be a spectacular time, I get to go play the quarter slots! I also have to register to vote, which I'm uber excited about.

One last thing: Do not let boys come into your room to use your toilet, they WILL poop in it. No matter what. Especially the ever odd Donny Reinhard. The room smelled for an hour. And I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget ur CD's :)