Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well, last night, we tried to watch Sling Blade, one of my all time favorite movies... but then I turned it off to watch MTV's Sweet Sixteen show, which has these completely obnoxious people, usually girls, whoring it up for their sweet sixteen, where at least a few thousand dollars are thrown into, if not more, I'm sure every one of them could pay off my tuition for the next 7 years and still have enough money for a kick ass party. Those whorey assed bitches. <-- Exceeds the swearing quota, eh?

Today was special, as usual, I was up at 7 and I ate the last of my Golden Grahams. They were delicious. Then I went to Economics, which I hate with a passion. Duh. It was boring, as usual. Then I went to French and we pretty much discussed, in French of course, all of the stories that we've read so far. I love that class. In Ms. B's class, not that I didn't love it, because Cooper would hit me real hard if I said that, but we didn't learn any French, we did like one story per year, whereas in this class, we've already read like ten. Then I came home and we had lunch. Beautiful. Then off to my favorite class, ASL. Today, we discussed, in detail, the film that I was talking about in my previous post. It was quite a discussion, let me tell you.

I'm feeling very odd today... I've been super giggly all the damn day. It's probably as strange to experience as it is to watch. I dunno, ask Cat, she caught the wrath of the giggles today. Tonight is Tourettes and Survivor in 117 with Courtney, Amanda & Lia. Should be a fun time. I'm gonna do all of my homework tonight and tomorrow until 2 so that once we are done with HON 100B, we can leave and be home by 7-ish. Whoopie. I'm excited to go home. Gotta get more cereal. I need more cereal. I cannot live without more cereal. I'm really tired right now, it's like I'm having a sugar crash, super happy, then super tired within minutes. Its pathetic, really.

I have nothing all that interesting to say... Oh! I do! I went to my first GSA meeting ( I'm a straight ally babes, sorry ) I know y'all want me. Anyways, I really like the group of people that I hung out with, and I kinda knew a few of the people before I joined, and there's this really nice guy from my French class there, he's a sweetie. We went sidewalk chalking last night and it was fun, but I had to be alone for a little bit, so I called Cat to come keep me company and help me out. My awesome 12 year old cousin Trevor did something so cute last night though, first off, he kept calling me during the meeting, so I called him after, he thought that something was wrong with our nana because she wasn't answering her phone, turns out she lost it. Anyhoo, I told him that I was outside (it was about 10:00 pm), and he was like "ARE YOU ALONE???" and I told him I was, but Cat was coming to keep me company, then he was like "Is it a well lit area?" and I told him it was and he was all gruff and said "good". Needless to say, we stayed on the phone until Cat came to rescue me. It was so cute.

Aight, I gotta go, got some last minute stuff to do before Tourettes! I know, you're jealous. But don't fret, we'll have a Rocky/Tourettes party either on Thanksgiving or Christmas break, or both... something to look forward to, eh? Okie dokie, I'm gonna get offline now, I'm tired of vegging on the computer. I'll give ya a big ole smooch when I see ya.

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