Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I've fallen absolutely head over heels for that damn VJ day picture of the strangers smoochin'. I don't know why, but now its popping up everywhere. Yay. Yesterday, I forgot to post and I apologize sincerely, but I was a busy one. Let's see... I awoke around 7 o'clock to go to Economics, which I'm sure I forgot to mention that I hate that class... with a burning passion. Then I came home for two minutes, I had to go take care of my damn financial aid, they were trying to overcharge me by about 1200 dollars. Eff that. (Yes Cooper, I stole "eff"... I'm trying to at least cut down on the swearing in the blog.) Then I went to Francias, which was pleasant as always, we spoke a little French, got a little confused & I finally remembered the name of the girl that I sit next to every morning.

ASL was completely infuriating. We watched this film "For My Deaf Son". It was absolute crap. These parents couldn't decide whether or not to teach this kid sign language or oralism, so at the age of four, he could barely communicate beyond yelling and very fragmented phrases. They were so freakin' selfish, it was disgusting. The mom didn't want to teach the kid sign language because she wanted to teach him English, but he can't really understand what people are saying because his hearing aid doesn't unscramble the words. So the kid knows barely any sign language and barely any English, so he can barely communicate. ARGH!!! You'd think that these parents would at least teach him sign language to begin with so that he could have a base of a language.

I have to go to class now, I'll post more laters.

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