Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We have more fish

Yay... the other day, we got 2 more fish from Meijer... they better not die. Anyways, their names are Will & Grace, the natural choice since we already have a Jack, that seems mildly ADD. Anyhoo, I'm coming home this weekend, so anyone who wants to get together, gimme a call. I hear there's going to be a surprise guest at my house this weekend when I return, I wonder who it could be. I'm trying to think what I've been doing the last few days, but I haven't done much.

Monday-- I didn't do jack shit, I think I went to class and did homework. End of sentence. Okay... and Cat French braided my hair and it turned out sexy.

Tuesday-- Long ass day. Ummm... started by going to Economics really early and not falling asleep, then I had brekkie with Ben. After that, I went to French, then I came home and took a nap because I've been feeling like crap. Then I went to ASL. Then I came home and took another nap. Then I went to a Psych experiment that took exactly 4 minutes, then I came home and "did homework", ie AIM, Facebook, etc., then I actually did do homework. Then came dinner, then we stuffed safe sex kits, which I was very proud of my folding capabilities. THEN we had program board. It was good fun. Then I came home and did my homework and was in bed by 12. Oh, and Cat French braided my hair again. So its all curly today.

I think I'm going to go play Mario for 45 minutes, then go poster in Ronan for Program Board, then actually go to class @ 2:00. Hooray for Psychology! Oh, today, I lost one of my contacts, I thought that I just completely forgot to put it in, but it wasn't in its case. I suck at life and I couldn't see until I got home from lunch. Je suis pathetic.

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