Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Spreading The Love

I got a 100% on my test! I win at life. Anyways, about Tourettes, the way I see it is if everyone who knows how to play, teaches a group of their friends how to play and so on and so forth, the entire world will know how to play it in a generation or two. I want to spread the immense joy of Tourettes, its the biggest stress reliever that I can think of. And when I say people should teach others how to play, I mean you people at different schools, so we can all spread the joy. This means you, Cooper, teach all of your NY friends how to play... they'll like it. Then it will be famous... I know it. Wow... I love that game, its a scary obsession.

Okay, done with that tangent. I just wanna thank Jill & Ferzy for coming up and doing the futon and shopping and the casino, it was a blast. Oh!!! I got your card today, Unka! It was pretty cute...and pink... that's the only way to a girls heart is pink... atleast this girl's heart. I love pink.

Goooooooooooooooooooood Night!

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