Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How could I forget?

I saw Corey and my latin lover, Adrian the other day! It was wonderful, I love those guys. Anyhoo, I realize I haven't posted in a few days, just been super busy. I have exaclty 6 minutes to post this, then I'm going down to breakfast with my buddy Ben from the terrace. Let's see, the ride back to CMU was great, we sang Savage Garden. When we returned, Amanda drove followed us to the parking lot and drove us back so we could get to swing dancing on time. THANKS AMANDA !!! Swing dancing was a lot of fun, I was forced to be a lead for a little bit, then I begged some girl to switch with me so that I didn't have to, because I didn't really know how to lead. But I got to dance with some guys that actually knew what they were doing, which is always an event.

Yesterday, I didn't have to get up until 8:00 to go to breakfast with Lia, then I came back and fell asleep until 10:00 because I didn't have to go to French class until 1:30, for a test that I probably bombed. Gerontology was interesting as always, but not notable. Then I had a psych test, which was pretty good. I'm really really liking psychology. A lot. Then Cat and I played Super Mario 3 after dinner. YAY! I love Mario. We sucked ass though. We walked up to the SAC and I ran 4.5 miles, plus however far it was to walk to the SAC, so I worked them legs... I got to take a shower right when we came home, then I went to bed, because I've been feeling like shit, so sleep is wonderful. I did have the weirdest dream last night. It was about me working in a nursing home and I helped this old lady, named Sarah Lynn, into the elevator, then went to get her purse, then she died in the elevator while I was gone for 30 seconds... needless to say, I feel like I didn't sleep at all... I gotta go get some brekkie now, laters.

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