Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Do you feel that you cannot control your sexual urges?

That was a question I had to answer at this psych study that we went to yesterday. It was pretty much the most random stuff ever. But it was worth the three points! Woot. Umm... I'm sitting in my room eating some cereal at the moment, the cereal is delicious though. I think this is the first morning that I've woken up and really not wanted to go to class. I really don't want to go. REAL BAD. I'll get over it, I have to go to French. I think I'll go log a few office hours today at the Program Board office today, we're having our show this weekend, BE THERE. That is if you actually live around here... otherwise, nevermind, I don't expect you to drive forever. But anyhoo, its at the Plachta Auditorium... at 8:00 pm this Saturday. It'll be marvelous. Well, I'm excited anyways. Let's see whats on the agenda for today:

French - ten to eleven
Gerontology - eleven to twelve
Program Board - twelve to one thirty
Psych - two to three fifteen
Psych Experiment - three thirty to three fifty-five
GSA - eight to God knows when...

Should be a long day, but I live on that... hmm... I kinda wanna go to the SAC today, damnit. Big Kisses.

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