Saturday, September 10, 2005

Blubbering FOOLS

Yesterday was quite an interesting day, lemme tell you. I got up around 9 and went down to breakfast with Cat and Lia, which was delightful, as always. Then I came home and took a shower and went to Gerontology. Here's a quote from Prof. Malonebeach, pretending that she was an elderly man visiting his doctor:

"I can't have sex with my wife anymore because my little teeny peeny is teeny!"

So, anyways, after Gerontology, we went to lunch and then off to the Honors Convocation, where yes, I was wore a skirt. And then we had to sit in the grass, combine that with a white skirt and an allergy to grass, and you have quite an experience. But I enjoyed myself, there's a guy in my group who's from Fair Haven and he seems pretty cool. After the Honors thing, I hung out in the dorm for a while, getting homework and studying done. Which I still have more to do today and tomorrow. I hung out with Amanda & Courtney downstairs a little, then went back and watched The Notebook with them around nine. It was an absolute mess. We were crying like wounded puppies, but whenever Courtney would start crying, she would get really loud, so Amanda and I would start laughing whilst crying. I kinda wish someone woulda seen that one, it was beautiful. I hung around there for a bit and we laughed our asses off until about 12:00, when I decided that I needed to go to bed, because I was laughing like I do when I get really tired and I had the most enormous headache that you could imagine.

Today I'm gonna study, probably talk online for a little bit and get my rear end over to the SAC to work out. Leave me some saucy lovin'.