Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kevin and Stephanie are doing it. Are you?

Okay, I apologize for not posting, it's been a busy few days. And I've been sleeping... A lot. But anyhoo, nothing too interesting has happened lately. Umm... Thursday, we wore our GSA shirts, "Kevin and Stephanie do it. Do you?" Which is a straight ally thingie. It was good fun, got a lot of funny looks for our shirts, because they didn't know what they meant. But the presentation at the Park Library Auditorium was pretty good, we had an alright turnout.

Okay.... Friday? I tried to call Ben Bourlier's mom because it was Ben's birthday. I'll try to get a hold of him today, I love that kid. Gerontology was cancelled, so that was hot and sexy... we got our cars and I parked at a meter until 4, then we can park anywhere. The honors class was really boring, we took a group picture and as the camera man counted, I felt a sneeze coming on... when he said "THREE!" I sneezed really loud and the whole (400+) class laughed at my perfect timing.. but hey! We were facing the sun, what do they expect. Cat played mario all day long yesterday... I did most of my four year plan, with Cat's help... Then we played piano and watched Coyote Ugly. I found out something really strange last night when Cat was teaching me how to play piano... I can only play correctly when I'm focusing on something else. I screw up when I actually pay attention, so I started watching a movie that was on the tv. Good fun.

Today... Well, my Stephanie Johnston is at CMU today, so I'm going to the football game with her, it should be fun, I miss her! Then we have our show tonight, Want To See Something Funny?, Jim Gaffigan and some other funny people will be there! Woot.

Okay, its breakfast time, I'm starved. Laters.

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