Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Long day #2

Well, this morning at 7, Cat and I went down to breakfast and then I went to Principles Of Macroeconomics. That class seems very boring. End of story. The teacher admitted to giving a shitload of notes on things that weren't very important. I'm so excited. Then I went to French at 10. I understood a little bit today, but the homework tonight took a long time, Ms. B never emphasized being able to read stories that were grammatically correct...that slut. But I got it done eventually. I had my first ASL class today. It's fucking awesome. It is so damn cool, I can't even believe it. We sit in a circle and aren't allowed to talk, we just have to learn by immersion. YUSS!

So, I got home today around 2 and had the worst fucking headache that I've had in a while, it was one of those that if I was in a bad mood, it would've made me cry because it hurt so bad. So I started reading my psych chapter for tomorrows class, then on page 9, I fell asleep. Apparently Cat thinks its very funny when people fall asleep with books in their hands, because she gave me a very spirited view of what I was doing whilst being asleep. I woke up and the book was still in my hand AND my headache was gone. I read the rest of the chapter and then nerdily did all the review questions because I plan on acing this course. I really really hope that I do. Its sa-weet.

OH! We went down to the absolute farthest point from our dorms today, the intramural baseball fields, for a Program Board party, to get introduced to everyone. It was a lot of fun and we played extreme kickball. Its a good game, I made an out! Yeah, I know you're jealous of my enormous ball catching skills. The meetings are every Tuesday at 8 o'clock, I'm so joining. It's gonna rock my freakin' socks. I love the high intensity of it all, its like WHOA! I love it...did I mention that I love it? Because I really do love it. Speaking of RSO's (student orgs), I'm not entirely positive which ones I'm joining yet, but I'm positive about this one and the Gay-Straight Alliance, because there's just not enough people that love gay people like I do. But seriously, I just want to help spread the equality, especially since I know so many gay/bi people & love them to pieces. I would really like to join the S.A.P.A group, which is a kind of crisis line for rape victims, but I don't trust myself not to go out and kick every one's ass who does something bad. I think it would be a good idea to join hall council, it might give me a good chance of getting to be an RA next year. Hmm... could I be any more school spirited?

Sam has left the building.

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