Sunday, August 14, 2005

Wuuuff...this weekend has been longer than most

Well, I'm watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. It's always a special time.

"It's like making a frog stand up and put on a pair of double knit pants"

Friday night, I went to Gia's going away party...and had an okay time, minus the non-stop game of "Lets make Sam drink". I was the only underage person at this bar/steakhouse. At one point, I got cornered in the bathroom and was told that I couldn't leave until I had a sip of her beer. I didn't, 'cause I have this little thing called self control. The highlight of the evening was one of this girls I was driving home (I was a dd) helped my boss steal a sign that said something about booty, from the bar. It was a special time. I finally got home around one o'clock. And woke up after three hours of sleep to go to work. I made up for it last nigh though, I fell asleep at eight and woke up at 5:30. Today was just another day of work, how fun. I've done absolutely nothing, except talk to Maggie for a few minutes online and to Andy for a few minutes. Oh and a little laundry.

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