Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am mentally retarded

Okay, remember how I was gonna get an oil change today? Well, I forgot. I had a good day though, I woke up late, had a shower, then went to Poncho's with coach. It was a nice meal...but we both cried when I left. It was really sad. For some reason, it is very hard to watch someone you care about cry, ever experience that? ;) Then I went to Target to get a sports bra, which I also didn't get, instead I got a new purse. I like it. But I still need a sports bra. Damnit. Today, I'm gonna get all packed up and continue tomorrow, late into the night, I'm sure. Tomorrow I'm going out to lunch with Coop and gotta say goodbye to her...which sucks. But I'm sure it'll be fun anyways...and I might drag her along to get my oil changed because I keep forgetting to do it. Maybe she won't noticed that I typed that. Oh! No one is gonna notice, but I got about an inch of my hair chopped off, I had to get rid of the split ends, the dumb lady took off a little too much, but it still looks exactly the same. Anyhoo, gotta go pee then get packing. Love y'alls.

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