Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I lied, I lied... I LIED, okay, you caught me

Okay, so I know I was supposed to post yesterday, it just turned into a long day and I didn't get a chance. Let's see.. I had my first French class, which was okay, I understood the teacher, but not completely. Then I had Gerontology... All I can say is j'aime the class is awesome, the teacher is mildly new age, but she's cool and the class is gonna be awesome. Lastly, I have Intro to Psychology honors. I love it. Yay. It's gonna be super cool. The teacher has got to be like 30, tops. Its gonna be awesome.

So I get home yesterday and Cat is freaking out about her Calc II class because it isn't what she thought it would be, so I calmly told her to "Calm The Fuck Down" and she switched into my Intro To Psych class instead, which she's a lot happier with... and now I have a psych buddy. Yay. Umm... I have ten minutes to get from one end of campus to the other end between French & Gerontology. I'm not at all excited about that, it's about a 9.5 minute walk, so I'm really pushing it. I got there right on time yesterday. It should be a good class though.

Then, last night, we had a dumb Larzelere Hall meeting. And we had to leave the dorm to go to it. How much sense does that make? NONE. Anyways, it was boring and we came home and went to bed. How much fun.

Cat just humped her bed.

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