Tuesday, August 9, 2005

I finally made the last revisions on my schedule and its marvelous:

HON 100B Intro To Honors (Fri) 2:00p - 3:15p, 1.00 cr
ASL 100H American Sign Language(Honors) (Tues, Thurs) 12:30p - 1:45p, 3.00 cr
FRN 201 Intermediate French (Mon - Thurs) 10:00a - 10:50a, 4.00 cr
GRN 247 Intro To Gerontology (Mon, Wed, Fri) 11:00a - 11:50a, 3.00 cr
HSC 201 Medical Terminology (Tues) 6:30p - 8:20p, 2.00 cr
PSY 100H Intro To Psychology(Honors) (Mon, Wed) 2:00p - 3:15p, 3.00 cr
ECO 201 Principles Of Macroeconomics (Tues, Thurs) 8:00a - 9:15a, 3.00 cr

Wow, I'm so freakin' excited to go to school. Yesterday, I mapped out most of the classes that I'll need to take that satisfy my major, minor, area requirements, and university program requirements. Oh, I talked to my new roommate Tami yesterday, she seems pretty cool. That reminds me, I have to send her a picture of my chair.

Hey Uncle Bill & Aunt Jill...Lemme know what you think of the revised schedule.

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